Video Production in Dunwoody has never been more exciting. With the booming television and film industry in Atlanta, the highest level of Video Production is now at your fingertips.

Whether you are looking to produce a corporate video, record a live presentation, film a music video or create digital assets for your brand, Bolt Video Productions is meticulously built to provide the highest level of video production to you and your brand.
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Customer engagement is today’s most important battleground and few companies are prepared to compete. Technology and competition have given consumers options like never before. We create video assets to help you win where it matters most.


Before starting a new project, all production ideas should be flushed out. This happens in the development phase. Our development team works with you to ensure your story connects with its intended target. Whether it’s a script, or finding the best creative for a corporate live event, we ensure the best creative within your budget.

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Once we complete the development stage of your project, our pre-production process organizes all physical production elements so every moment, every scene filmed during physical photography is planned flawlessly


Our Video Production is among the best in the world. Why? Our directors, camera operators, sound mixers, along with the rest of our crew are the best in the market. We have filmed more than $3B of video assets for Marvel. The best in the business trust us when it matters most.

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Often the most underrated stage in the video production process, it is equally as important, some argue more important than the stages mentioned above. Our post production professionals have created some of the most dynamic assets on today’s TV shows and films including HBO’s Game of Thrones, STARS Black Sails, and NBC’s Blacklist to name a few.

Bolt Video Productions proudly serves the Metro Dunwoody area.

Chances are you won’t need to build VFX worlds like Game of Thrones, but just in case you do, we have you covered.

Our knowledgeable video production specialists work directly with you to help ensure you get the best video assets for your video production needs. When you need the best video production company in Dunwoody, give us a call.