Why You Should pay out on Motion Graphic Ads

Motion graphics are digital animation triggered to move with certain patterns thus giving an effect of an overall animation. It is all an illusion presented at the end of the process of video production as a final product. They are a grand line of attack to grab hold of audience interest, as are videos. But [...]

A Guide to Video Localization

Video marketing is the number one way to get the word out about you and the product or service you company offers. As you continue to grow, you will want to market to the masses. And when you do, there are ways to maximize how people find you online. If you are from Atlanta, the [...]

The Current Scene Of Commercial Production Companies Atlanta

Are you interested in hiring a local company to make a video for you? If so, then you should find this article very useful. It will help you understand not only what to expect from a production company, but it also has some very useful insights as to what your overall goals and expectations should [...]

Atlanta: The New Hub of Film Production?

Atlanta is considered to be the hub for establishing the business of Film Production, although Atlanta’s burgeoning popularity with the Production companies was not attained overnight. This successful partnering of Atlanta’s beautiful landscape, lenient state laws and the production companies in Atlanta goes way back to the early 19 century and is a result of [...]

Trends In Video Production

Video production is the process of capturing video and its is a process that has been perfected over time. In todays digital media landscape, many things are changing. We are consuming video at a faster rate than ever before, and as such, the entire landscape is in transition. There are three stages of video production: [...]

The success of Animated Videos for social media marketing

Social Media is the new marketing wave. With the attention span of most consumers shrinking, animated videos are one of the best ways to capture the attention of consumers quickly. Before we start, allow me to remind you the 5 goals of social media marketing. (1) to increase your brand’s awareness, (2) to enhance public [...]

Video Messaging

Video messaging has taken over the internet like nothing has before as there is no other way like video messaging.  No-where is this more evident than on social media because there is no one on the globe that doesn’t know of the existence of social media or isn’t involved in one way or another.  Any [...]


Video Marketing should be at the epicenter, the core of every company’s marketing efforts. Wether you have a product or a service, you need to get the word to the public. Video marketing is the best way to do this Let us for a moment start with a ver simple question. As an entreprenuer, this [...]

Competitive Advantage through video production

Video Production is an art form. It takes what is relevant in many cultures, even pop culture and organizes it into a story that people can relate to, then uses that knowledge to sell products. If you are looking for the competitive advantage Video Production can give you, and your company, read on. Storyteller Humans [...]

Your video is your marketer

Marketing refers to actions undertaken by a corporation to encourage the buying or selling of a product or service. Sales are tricks related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given time period.  The question to really think about is that where does marketing end and where do the sales begin? This [...]