Competitive Advantage through video production

Video production is an art of  pervasive and prevalent content in our world. It’s so much bigger than what we end up seeing on the big screen. But come to think of it, what really does a video do? 


The art of story telling is made achievable by the production of videos.

Humans have told stories for all of time. Books, movies, and video games are popular precisely because they tell stories. Stories work because they’re based in emotion, rather than logic. Even if you have brilliant rational arguments for something, you will fail to convince people if you cannot connect with them emotionally.

Humans have been telling stories for as long as they’ve been around. Why wouldn’t video do the same? It’s an extension of our nature. Mainly, it’s an excellent way to tell the story of your brand however may be the preference.  



Personal connection 

The visual effects of a video properly produced can set the aura and the mood of a place and a person. No longer do you have to guess at the nuance and inflection in a block of text; now, you can see and hear a person as if they’re standing right in front of you. The video produced can instill a sense of connection of the watcher. 



If you were told to describe the winning goal of a really popular football match through the art of writing in a black and white context you wouldn’t really get the same response from a group of fans as you would get if you actually recorded the match in a high resolution video and you edited it for perfect visuals and surround sound. That’s the beauty of video production because it indulges the audience and makes them feel like they are a part of the bigger picture.

People often use videos to encourage new products – products that can change the world. Video is the best way to relay that information and their passion. Without a video – a personal presence – explaining their hopes and strategies, nobody would bother to give it a second glance.



Video does an excellent job of demonstrating the benefit of a product.

There are different kinds of information that needs to be delivered to the audiences about the goods and services being provided by the company and sometimes they need to be educated on their products too.

94% of hiring managers say that an employee with strong communication skills has a better chance of being promoted than an employee with more experience, but weak communication. In fact, those with strong communication skills become irreplaceable to a given company, since “nobody else can communicate as well” as him or her. Using persuasion to tell a story or cast a vision is highly valued.


When companies use video to show how people might best use their product, even after securing purchases, they build a trustworthy name. This sort of thing is what creates loyal customers that stay with you for life.



 Makes Life Easier

Who wants to sit down and read instructions anymore? Video can show step by step how to accomplish something. It’s more helpful than pictures and is way more engaging than blocks of text. There are many things that you can use to communicate something to your customers but through video production is the one that gains the most response and is the one that makes life the easiest.



Increase Market Presence

Because video is so pervasive, your product is much more likely to be noticed in video format than otherwise. People really like to watch video!

In addition to that, video helps your voice be louder than your competitors. By engaging visually with an audience that prefers visuals, you bring in more people your company is able to get competitive advantage through video production. Your image is literally broadcasted, speaking for your product. This really drives sales!

According to Warren Buffet, great skill in public speaking can raise your value to a company by 50% instantly. Short, simple language is the best way to do so.

If you want to reach a wide range of people, especially those who are not familiar with your product, write with grade-level vocabulary and sentence structure because then you can communicate really well and reach the more contemporary audience.



 Distinguish Your Work

No one makes a product exactly the same as their competitor because the customers are always looking for something new. To someone browsing through websites, this may not be clear! Video shows what differentiates your product from others as it properly explains the idea and the purpose of the product. You have a unique product that will come across in a unique video. Plus, in comparison to competitors who don’t use video, you will stand out.


 Is Your Best Salesman

Ultimately, video shows your product or service in action. The video in production when it is able to do excellent job marketing, educating, and personalizing can do wonders for your product. You don’t need to sell when the product already sells itself.


Your organization has a unique voice. However, it’s not enough simply to be unique if you can’t exchange a few words well. In a saturated market, it’s essential that you present your ideas effectively and persuasively. Otherwise, you’ll be swept under the waves of the growing market.



Persuasion is Best

A lot of people think of communication as a “soft skill,” that is, a skill that does not need to be learned (like common sense). However, communication, storytelling, and persuasion don’t come naturally, even though they are fundamental to today’s work environment.

Peer-reviewed research says that 30% of the U.S. economy is fueled by “persuasion:” jobs that utilize public speaking, presentation, etc. Gallo says that “ideas don’t sell themselves,” but rather, they are sold through persuasion. You might have the greatest product ever, but if you can’t explain it very well, it won’t succeed. The video production process is extremely tricky and involves a lot of luck in the sense that some people might enjoy it and some might not.

Video excels at marketing your product or service because it presents extremely well. In an engaging, simple manner, video persuades through some form of storytelling, the most effective ways to introduce ideas. It is absolutely essential to master the art of persuasion if you want to really bring value to your product.

People like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill stand out because they communicated their ideas persuasively and emotionally. They laid out the logic of their argument, but used relevant analogies and metaphors to connect with their audience. Expressing ideas in this way has become much more important now than ever before.



It’s hard to communicate well. Therefore, you must spend time speaking through stories, simply and persuasively. If you get better at this, you will speak most effectively to your audience using the skill of video production.

In summary, video distinguishes your product by telling a simple, personal, and exciting story. It markets extremely well and increases the ease by which people can find and learn about your product. It’s the best choice for use in business today. Why not give it a try?


hussain ali