Competitive Advantage through video production

Video Production is an art form. It takes what is relevant in many cultures, even pop culture and organizes it into a story that people can relate to, then uses that knowledge to sell products. If you are looking for the competitive advantage Video Production can give you, and your company, read on. Storyteller Humans [...]

Your video is your marketer

Marketing refers to actions undertaken by a corporation to encourage the buying or selling of a product or service. Sales are tricks related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given time period.  The question to really think about is that where does marketing end and where do the sales begin? This [...]

The Good, the bad and the Ugly. Working with Video Production Companies

Finding the perfect Video Production partner is like finding a great pair of shoes. Bare with me because the analogy gets deep. I’m not talking about the pair of gym shoes you buy to walk around in - your everyday sneakers. I’m talking about the pair of shoes you wear with your favorite dress or [...]